Thursday, May 5, 2016

My QueryKombat FREE PASS winner!

I'm excited to announce the winner of my very first Free Pass into #QueryKombat. This author is guaranteed a spot in the Top 64 entries, which means getting valuable feedback from up to 25 judges in the first round of the competition.

Without further adieu, the winner of this year's free pass is:



Here's Mark's response to the free pass entry question, What tools/skills would your main character(s) use to fight for their dreams?

Pawly must fight for her lover's life with the very thing that scares her most--her Affliction, the werecat bloodlust that killed her father years before. She relies on fangs, claws, enhanced senses and superhuman agility after a failed Navy combat mission drives her underground to protect him.
Sounds like a great read! Please send your entry to the QueryKombat inbox between May 16 - May 20, 2016 with FREE PASS WINNER in the subject. Don't forget to review the rules and formatting requirements before sending.  I can't wait to read your entry. Welcome to the Team!


  1. WOW! Thank you Laura and looking forward to it. And thanks too for the plug.


  2. Congrats, Mark. I just saw this! May it bear fruit...

  3. Haven't run across a werecat yet. Looking forward to getting to know you and your hot character!