Wednesday, June 8, 2016

QK AGENT ROUND: 7. The President and Me, MG Contemporary

Title:  Dear Mr. President
Entry Nickname: The President and Me
Word Count: 34,000
Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary


President William Shepherd is a terrible president.  At least according to eleven-year-old Spencer Dunlap, who writes those exact words in a letter to the President after he receives a letter from the White House offering condolences following his father death due to the war.  A war the president started.  The president writes back, sparking a chain of letters and emails between the two that ignites an unlikely friendship.

While Spencer and the president correspond, the Speaker of the House initiates impeachment proceedings against the president for a raid on an orphanage where the enemy dictator was hiding.  The same attack in which Spencer’s father died. While snooping at home, Spencer stumbles upon letters his father wrote just before embarking on the raid.  The letter indicates Spencer’s father, not the president ordered the attack. Spencer now must decide to share the letter and exonerate the president or keep it a secret to preserve his father’s reputation.

DEAR MR. PRESIDENT is a middle-grade epistolary novel.

First 250:

June 7

Dear President Shepherd:

I hate you. You're a terrible president. If it weren't for you, my dad would be home and alive. Why did you start the stupid war in the first place?

Billy Smithers was our fifth-grade class president last year and he’s a better president than you are and he’s a jerk. The only reason he’s the class president every year is that nobody runs against him. He always promises us stuff but we never get it. It’s kind of like you. You promised life would be better if we elected you but then you started the war and my dad left us for six months.  Now he’s never coming back.

What if I send your dad somewhere and he dies. How would that make you feel? Probably rotten, just like I do now. Mom cries all the time and stopped going to work after the marines came to the house and told her dad died. My grandma and grandpa are staying with us taking care of me and doing all the cooking and cleaning and stuff since Mom is too sad to do it.

Grandpa said he voted for you but that was a mistake. He said he won’t ever vote for you again. He thinks your war is stupid and I agree with him.  He didn’t say stupid but I can’t repeat the word he said without getting my mouth washed out with soap.  


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