Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The Jedi Council will soon be arriving to choose padawans for training. 

Remember that contests are subjective. What one person might challenge others to a light saber duel for an entry, that same work may do nothing for someone else. There were tons of excellent entries. We had more than 350 entries to choose from, and we got to pick 10 each. Some of us cried. Some of us prayed to The Force for guidance. But there are dozens of agents out there, and not being chosen is not a rejection. No matter what, keep querying! 

I hope this contest has helped everyone who entered. There's not many contests that provide feedback and we did our best to help as many people as possible. The Jedi Masters and Knights tried their best to share their experience and give solid advice.

If you've made friends and learned something to improve your first page or pitch, you've already won.

*pew pew* Ack! What was that? 

*cough* Excuse me. I thought I saw some lights flashing overhead. It seems to be under control now. No cause for alarm. As I was saying,

Here is some important information from your Jedi Master before we announce the chosen entries for The Rey Guns:

There is no commenting allowed except for members of the Jedi Council. Sorry, but no cheerleading as this may lead to an unconscious bias. Don't make me pull a light saber on you. All the comments are hidden, anyway. No requests will be revealed until the end of the round on September 28.

But we are happy to see and retweet your thoughts and cheers over on twitter under the #Pitchslam tag! That’s the place to hang out and have fun. I'll be announcing when members of the Jedi Council have stopped by this blog and giving hints about requests. Some of those hints might even be mildly helpful (but maybe don't count on it).

Agents will consider entries at all the Jedi Master blogs, making the following requests:

These are the pages I'm looking for: Query and first 15 pages
You have the reflexes of a Jedi: Query and first 50 pages
Disciplined, you are: Query and first 100 pages
The Force is strong with this one: Query and full

If you haven't found your entry here, check out our other Jedi Master blogs below for their students:

*pew pew!* OH, no! We're under attack! I must get these entries up quickly! So sorry I can't stay and chat. Here are the blogs. Go now, before it's too late!

Good lu- *PEW PEW*

Aaaaaaaaaaack! What's this? The Sith Lords have sent Bounty Hunters to kidnap our young padawans! If you feel like you're being called to the Dark Side, check to see if your entry has fallen into their nefarious hands! It's 
I must save those poor authors! I can see we've got a fight on our hands, so I've got to run. Good luck to everyone! Thanks for making Pitchslam such a fun experience!

Yes, that's me fighting Darth Vader ('s stunt double...)
If there are any issues with your entry, tweet me @LH_Writes and let me know. Scroll down to view the winners!

JEDI COUNCIL: If you drop by and don't see anything that fits your wishlist, I'd love a note on this entry to let me know. (Those comments are moderated, and will not be published.)

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