Wednesday, September 21, 2016



Genre: MG – Fantasy
Word Count: 42,000

If my main character could be any Star Wars character, who would it be and why?  She would be Leia, because as soon as January Frost becomes the Fairy Godmother, she is targeted by an evil force who wants her and her home destroyed – similar to Leia. And also like Leia, January's parents were hiding a few things. Finally, neither character is frozen in the face of evil; she instead works to discover the truth. But to be clear: January's hair isn't nearly as awesome as Leia's.  

35 Word Pitch
Made Fairy Godmother by a magical ring and hunted by a shapeshifter who wants it, January’s life depends on unraveling the truth of their families’ shared pasts, mastering the ring, and defeating the shapeshifter.

First 250 Words

It’s almost like the ring calls to me. 

Three bands of three metals – gold, silver, bronze – held together by swirls of leaves. I wanted to keep it but my mom was buried with it. And in the two years since, I’ve looked for one like it in every thrift store in town.

We walk into this one, Aunt Ida’s favorite, and I breathe the familiar smell of dusty furniture and sweaty shoes. It was definitely me who started the thrift store hunts, but Aunt Ida’s taken it to a whole new level. As she heads towards the clothes, I go straight for the jewelry case.

I know the chances of finding a ring like Mom’s are pretty much zero. I get it. But I can’t help it, no matter how many times Roald the cat scowls at me before waddling off the cracked glass top. Inside the case are the usual suspects: stacks of maybe-gold bracelets, some pins the owner says are practically priceless (but still have price tags), and necklaces. The ring tray is empty. I’m not surprised, but the frown comes anyway.


It sounds like Aunt Ida’s in the sweaty shoe section and sure enough, I find her holding a pair of black biker boots. She’s got thin dreadlocks that’d hang halfway down her back if she’d let them, and she usually dresses like a church lady at Easter. So black biker boots have about as much chance going home with her as a spiked leather collar.


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