Thursday, October 27, 2016


Genre: MG Contemporary
Word Count: 37,000

My MC’s Most Stressful Relationship is with his conniving and manipulative sister, Jocelyn. It’s bad enough they share the same birthday, but blowing out candles together was just the first spark in their disastrous relationship. After they began school, a perky administrator decided to combine grades into a 1-2 class, then a 2-3, a 3-4, and finally a 4-5. Jake was stuck with his little sister 24-7. Finally, middle school should have been Jake’s escape, until another clueless educator let Jocelyn skip a grade. Restart the fireworks.


Sibling rivalry? More like all-out warfare whenever eleven-year-old Jocelyn and twelve-year-old Jake Evans cross paths. Their constant fighting has kept the whole family on edge since they were in diapers. However, everything changes when these two combatants stumble across their parents’ secret plan… to get rid of them. Jake and Jocelyn are left shell-shocked and confused. Whatever happened to a plain old time out?

Jake and Jocelyn decide it’s now or never, and on the day before Thanksgiving they vow to turn things around. With Mom and Dad two hours north waiting for a stubborn blizzard to pass, the new allies concoct a perfect plan to make things right: start cooperating, stop fighting, and surprise their parents by cooking a full-blown Turkey Day meal. Of course they’ve never cooked anything this big before, and finding creative ways to pull this feast off could bring explosive results.

By sundown on Turkey Day this quarreling twosome will either be packing their bags or serving a grand feast. One thing is for sure – good or bad, this Thanksgiving will be epic.

First 250 words:

Jake Evans slumped in his chair and sighed. The intercom popped and crackled again. Principal Neverbrite cleared her throat, the signal for another round of wild rants and suspension warnings.

“Good morning. It’s 9:55 am. Due to the worsening weather forecast, we will have an early dismissal.”

A thunderous roar erupted from every Lafayette Middle School classroom. Jake pumped his fists and cheered louder than any classmate. He would’ve settled for free pizza, no homework, or I’m retiring, but wow, the principal and Mother Nature deserved a huge hug. The last time anything this big happened was–well, never–unless you count the smoke bomb on Halloween.

The celebration died down, and Jake glanced outside. Just a few flakes so far.

“Bus riders– proceed to the front corridor.”

A flurry of backpacks and bodies funneled through the classroom door. Precious time was wasting. If Neverbrite would hurry and dismiss everyone else, he’d be home in minutes. Home playing video games, having snowball fights, or working at his dad’s tool bench.

The principal had other plans. “Remaining students will wait for a parent.”

Jake locked eyes with his little sister, Jocelyn. She sat two rows away despite the fact she shouldn’t even be in middle school. He rubbed the bruise on his arm, a crude reminder of Jocelyn’s last attack. He’d snitch on her when–uh-oh–his parents were in Wyoming picking of the grandparents. No way was he staying at school all day trapped in the same room with Godzilla.


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