Thursday, October 27, 2016


Genre: YA Gothic
Word Count: 75,000

My Main Character’s Most Stressful Relationship is:
Rosalie’s most stressful relationship is with her mother, who is jealous of her daughter’s youth and beauty. Her mother lies about the whereabouts of Rosalie’s father while running around with younger men. She perpetuates the prophecy that Rosalie will die before her eighteenth birthday, yet forces her to undergo horrible medical treatments to try and cure her ailments. Worst of all, she attempts to execute Rosalie’s boyfriend after catching him sneaking out of her bedroom, subjects Rosalie to aversion therapy, and locks her away to prevent her from seeing him again.
Seventeen-year-old Rosalie Corwin is confined to darkness due to a life-threatening sun allergy. Subscribing to an old prophecy that her daughter will die before her eighteenth birthday, Rosalie’s mother subjects her to horrible medical treatments. She claims they’ll cure her afflictions, but Rosalie has her suspicions. Tired of being trapped inside, she sneaks out one night and is attacked. A mysterious boy, Cal, comes to her rescue, but as he escorts her to safety, they find her aggressor dead.
Not knowing who killed him and afraid they’ll be blamed for the crime, they dispose of the body in the woods. Afterward, she and Cal sneak up to her room, but when he’s caught trying to escape down the trellis, her mother threatens to execute him. He manages to break free, but Rosalie is immediately locked away.
Becoming more volatile by the day, Rosalie worries her mother may be more of a danger than the supposed prophecy. When she learns Cal holds a key to the mysteries of her mother’s dark past and the truth about the prophecy, she must act quickly to save her life and the lives of the ones she loves.
First 250 Words:
My mother stood at my bedroom door. “You can come down now, Rosalie. Dinner’s almost ready.”

“I’ll be right there.” I walked over to my vanity and flicked on the lamp. Despite the heavy curtains, the room had grown darker since dusk. It was a new moon and for the next few nights, the world outside would be especially dim. It also meant I wouldn’t see the girl in white for two more weeks. She only came out when the moon was full. 

I brushed my hair and put on one of my mother’s least favorite dresses before heading downstairs. When I reached the landing, she was seated at the head of the table, sipping wine and laughing next to some man I didn’t recognize. He was drinking brandy and they were holding hands.

The curtains were drawn, the table set with two candelabras—what she always claimed was the perfect light to maintain the illusion of youth. The soft glow did make her look lovely, illuminating the waves of her pale blond hair. It might fool men like the one seated next to her, but it would never fool me.

“Rosalie, honey, this is John.” She waved me over as I started down the stairs. “He’s a dear friend and I’ve invited him to stay for dinner.”

“Hello,” I said as he stood and offered me his hand. I accepted coldly, taking a seat across from him without meeting his eyes.


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